Calibration & Repair

Q. Will I be advised of repairs beforehand?
A. Yes. You will be contacted by a repair technician after your items have been evaluated.



Q. What is the difference between an accredited calibration and a commercial calibration?
A. Accredited calibrations come with an accredited certificate not availiable with commercial calibrations. Please view our scope of accreditation for a list of equipment that can be calibrated using accredited methods.



Q. Does data come with the certificate of calibration?
A. You can choose from Without Data or With Data, depending on the requirements of your company or your industry.



Q. Will you remind me when my equipment is due for calibration?
A. Yes, we will send you a recall notice the month prior to the equipments due date.



Q. Do you rent or provide loaner equipment?
A. Yes, we do for specific types of equipment. Please contact customer service for more information.



Q. Who determines the calibration cycles?
A. The cycle should be based on the instruments accuracy, sensitivity, usage, environment and the risks involved with its use. Only the customer can evaluate all of these factors wisely. We can provide you with our recommendation based on industry standards if you are not sure what cycle is best for your specific needs.



Q. What if I loose the certificate of calibration?
A. Please contact customer service and they can send you a copy. You can also reprint any of your certificates yourself using our customer dataview
service. If you do not have an account, visit the registration page for more details.



Q. Do you offer online access to calibration data?
A. Yes, and this service is provided free of charge. If you do not have an account, visit the registration page for more details.



Q. Are you traceable to NIST?
A. Our inspection equipment and reports are traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology. Accu-Chek, Inc. maintains calibration records at all times and are available for customer audit.


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