Precision Instruments & Inspection Equipment

Precision tools help manufacturers achieve the tight tolerances and quality requirements demanded by their customers. Hand tools and inspection, measuring, and test equipment (IMTE) are an investment for every organization that needs precise inspections. Selecting the right tools plays an important part in maintaining high-quality services. Common precision tools include:


  • 1-2-3 blocks
  • Calipers
  • Gauge blocks
  • Height gauges
  • Indicators
  • Micrometers
  • Pin gauges
  • Plug gauges
  • Pressure gauges
  • Ring gauges
  • Scales
  • Squares
  • Steel rules
  • Surface Plates
  • Tape measures
  • Taper/thickness gauges
  • Test indicators
  • Thread plug gauges
  • Torque wrenches


Accu-Chek offers a wide range of precision tools from major brand names, such as:

  • Brown & Sharpe
  • Fowler
  • Mahr/Federal
  • Mitutoyo
  • Starrett

As a full distributor, we also provide parts replacement and services for tools from Mahr, Mitutoyo, and Starrett. Accu-Chek can supply your company with a wide variety of the precision tools needed to meet all your application needs. 

Types of Precision Tools

Precision tools can often measure up to the nearest 0.000050 inches for the most accurate results available. We offer a range of products that incorporate digital readers and ergonomic designs to increase accuracy, precision, and consistent use. Some of the most commonly demanded tools that Accu-Chek provides include:

Height Gauges

Height gauges measure relative distances from a base surface, such as a granite surface plate to a fixed point of a part. These highly accurate tools can work over large distances and measure to a fraction of your standard unit. Varieties include electronic height gauges for portable use and easy vertical measurements, dial height gauges, and Vernier height gauges for long-range measurements.


Slide calipers use a clamp-like arm that can measure all dimensions of an object within its measurement range. These tools can be outfitted with extended jaws, digital readout tools, and custom-engineered slides.

While slide calipers are the most common type of caliper, Accu-Chek also provides traditional calipers for layout work and measurement transfers. We can also distribute dividers, trammel heads, and other attachments fabricated for specialty measurement tasks.


Indicators allow users to measure movement on a small scale. Both analog and digital indicators are built to provide accurate, easy-to-read measurements. They measure rotational movement with resolutions of 0.001″ up to 0.00005″ for specialty equipment.

Precision Gauges

Precision gauges are a general category of hand tool that measure dimensions or movement. Gauges can display measurements digitally, but they also commonly show degrees and measurements through an analog or Vernier display that spins an arm around a fixed center point.

Common precision gauges include:

  • Pin gauges
  • Plug gauges
  • Pressure gauges
  • Thread plug gauges


Micrometers provide highly accurate measurements on a small scale. These tools can measure all dimensions of parts that fit within the arm’s measurement range. These tools come with electronic, digital, and traditional Vernier readout options.

Test Indicators

Test indicators provide highly accurate measurement readouts to test for compliance and consistent dimensionality. These tools are frequently used for quality assurance during component fabrication. They can detect deviation from set measurements and set degrees of tolerance.

Touch Probes

Touch probes use optical sensors to detect deviations or errors during CNC machining and other fabrication procedures. They can quickly and accurately measure 3D components.

Precision Equipment from Accu-Chek

Sourcing your precision measurement tools through Accu-Chek ensures that all your measurement equipment will be of the same superior quality. Accu-Chek offers metrology equipment, parts replacement, and services to keep your equipment in optimal condition. We offer verification and calibration services. When Accu-Chek calibrates your precision tools, the tools will arrive with an ISO 17025 compliant calibration label and certificate for your audit records.

Accu-Chek has served as a recognized leader in calibration and instrument inspection since 1984. Our facilities provide our clients with a broad range of services in industries such as:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Computer
  • Fluid power
  • Appliances

Contact us today to discuss the precision tool needs of your facility.